by John Ned Lipsitz

Michael Ponterio and I published our first newsletter for clients approximately three months ago. At that time, we told you about our commitment to represent victims of asbestos exposure, and we let you know that we have also been representing a growing number of people seriously injured in accidents, such as automobile accidents, construction accidents, and as a result of medical malpractice. In the field of automobile accident litigation, our office has been successful in obtaining early decisions from judges finding liability for fault on the part of the driver who caused the accident. In these cases, the only issues for the jury to decide are whether the victim suffered a serious injury and the amount of money damages to be paid to the victim.

If you are seriously injured in a car accident caused by the carelessness of another person, our office is ready to represent you in a lawsuit. There is no reason for you or a family member to call the lawyer whose face appears on the billboard along the roadside. Call an attorney that you know and trust.

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