3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company)

3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company)

With its’ headquarters in Minnesota, 3M (also known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) was founded in 1901.  Originally founded as a mining company, it grew significantly over the years, and in 1916 purchased its first laboratory and began inventing new products.  The company grew exponentially after World War II, and as a result opened many plants across the country.  Locally, 3M had a plant in Rochester, New York as well as Tonawanda, New York.  As stated in the company’s 2022 Annual Report, 3M has now grown to have an annual revenue of $34.2 billion, and counts more than 92,000 full-time employees worldwide, manufacturing over 60,000 products for a range of industries.

From the mid-1930s through the 1980s, 3M manufactured a number of products that contained asbestos, extending from office supplies to home repair materials.  Asbestos fibers in these products provided heat resistance as well as durability and strength.  Some of the 3M products known to contain asbestos include 3M Adhesive, 3M Wet Adhesives, 3M Caulk, 3M Cement, 3M Centerlite, 3M Greenlite Powder, 3M Hot Melt Sunset Resin, 3M Hot Melt Sunset Resin, 3M Solid Pavement Material, 3M Sticky Tar Caulking, 3M Dust Masks, 3M Heat Protective Rolls, 3M Rubber Coated Asbestos Cloth, 3M Heating Elements, 3M Laminated Sheets, 3M Sealers, 3M Sandpaper and Irvington Arc Proofing Tapes and Blankets.  Additionally, even though 3M produced asbestos-free protective and safety gear, their masks made in the 1960s, specifically the 8170 disposable respirator and the 8500 dust mask, exposed some workers to asbestos dust due to the fact that it failed to provide appropriate protection against asbestos fibers.

The asbestos-containing products made and sold by 3M endangered both 3M employees and end users.  Some occupations most at risk for their work with 3M’s asbestos-containing products include painters, carpenters, electricians, engineers, mechanics, plumbers, construction workers, maintenance workers, factory workers and office workers.

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