Since its inception The Rochester Gas and Electric Company (RG&E) has been an innovative leader in energy delivery. The company was consolidated under its current name in 1919, but its roots date back to the mid-nineteenth century. In the late 1800’s, The Rochester Gas Light Company, a predecessor parent company of RG&E, was one of the first electricity providers in the north east. Just before the turn of the century the Edison Electric company, a parent company of RG&E, invented both the modern light bulb and became one of the first utility companies in the nation to provide electricity to its customers through the use of underground wires.

While operating as RG&E, the company has remained on the forefront of cutting edge energy technology. By the 1930’s, RG&E was producing electricity through the use of alternative energy sources, such as hydropower and natural gas. In 1966, the company completed construction of the Ginna Nuclear Power facility and began powering its grids with nuclear power.

After several changes in ownership throughout the course of its life, The Rochester Gas and Electric Company became a subsidiary of the Energy East Corporation. RG&E provides electricity to 360,000 customers over a 2,700 square mile service area that encompasses nine counties in upstate New York. The company’s asbestos containing coal burning facilities have been shutdown and replaced with natural gas powered stations. Today, fifty percent of RG &E’s power output is produced by nuclear means, and the remaining output is produced from gas and hydroelectric power.