A Buffalo area man, who as a teenager was employed part time remodeling homes, is battling for his life against the ravages of mesothelioma. Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford began representing this man in 2006, and settled his case within 10 months for a sum in excess of 1.9 million dollars.

Our client, a loving husband and father of 2 children, was exposed to asbestos as a young man when he worked side jobs painting and remodeling homes, which required the use of asbestos-containing joint compound.

In new construction, joint compound was applied to seams and over nail/screw holes. The dust generated from such work put remodelers at great risk of exposure.

It was also common for remodelers to be exposed to asbestos by tearing down drywall. The removal of drywall sheets treated with joint compound which contained asbestos resulted in workers being exposed to the dust.

In addition to working on home renovations, our client was further exposed to asbestos when he worked on cars, installing brakes, which also contained asbestos.