The Law Firm of Lipsitz & Ponterio, LLC is pleased to announce that after a one week trial presided over by New York Supreme Court Justice (retired) Hon. John P. Lane, J.H.O., a settlement in excess of $2,500,000.00 was obtained for a former Durez plant worker.  Our client was diagnosed with mesothelioma in September, 2011.  Subsequent to his diagnosis, he had extensive surgery involving the removal of his left lung, lining around his heart and diaphragm.

Our client worked at Durez Plastics in North Tonawanda from 1969 to 1974.  Durez was a manufacturer of industrial resins and phenolic molding compounds.  While working at Durez, our client was exposed to raw asbestos fibers which were incorporated into granulated plastic molding compounds, a base material for plastic products.  As part of his duties, our client handled bags of raw asbestos fibers.  Despite knowing about the harmful effects of asbestos, the asbestos companies supplying the raw asbestos failed to provide any warnings on their bags of asbestos concerning its dangers.

Lipsitz & Ponterio attorneys, Michael Ponterio and Mathew Morton represented our client at trial.   Lipsitz & Ponterio is particularly proud of the fact that this case was litigated through the court system and successfully resolved within one year of the filing of the lawsuit.