Many items are still being debated for inclusion in President Obama’s $838 billion economic stimulus package, including nationwide lead remediation programs costing $100 Million.  The National Center for Healthy Homes (NCHH) is one of the groups lobbying for the inclusion of lead remediation programs and is keeping up the pressure as the U.S. House of Representatives grapples with a final version of the stimulus bill.  NCHH argued that the $100 million would be well spent because the money could create many jobs required to perform remediation in the field, such as inspectors, lead testers, and contractors.

Buffalo and Rochester rank high among cities having older housing plagued by lead paint hazards that endanger its children.  Concerned citizens should contact their congressional representatives to urge that Stimulus monies earmarked for lead paint remediation should be kept and that Buffalo and Rochester should receive their fair share of such funds.

If you have concerns with regard to the inclusion of lead remediation programs in the stimulus bill, we urge you to contact the following congressional representatives:

  • (D-NY) Louise Slaughter, Buffalo Office, 716.853.5813
  • (D-NY) Brian Higgins, Buffalo Office, 716.852.3501