Anchor Packing Company was founded in the early 1900s with locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Montreal, Canada. The company made asbestos-containing industrial sealing products. These products included anchor packings, asbestos-containing mitts and gloves, gaskets, brake linings and a variety of molded products. Asbestos was used in these products, due to its fireproof capabilities in high heat environments, until 1984.  In 1987, three years after ceasing the use of asbestos, Anchor Packing Company became a subsidiary of Garlock Sealing Technologies.

Anchor Packing Company Asbestos-Containing Products

  • Anchor Packing Gaskets (1909-1984)
  • Anchor Packing (1908-1984)
  • Anchor Packing Brake Linings (1908-1984)
  • Anchor Packing Target Sheet Gaskets (1908-1984)
  • Anchor Packing VY-Flex Ring Packing
  • Anchor Packing VY-Flex Spiral Packing
  • Sheet Packing
  • Braided Packing
  • Asbestos Cloth, Mitts and Gloves
  • Asbestos rope, wick and cords
  • Asbestos tape

Anchor Packing Company made and used a wide variety of asbestos-containing materials and products that put their own workers, and others who worked with their products at risk of asbestos exposure. Those who were in the vicinity of the installation, maintenance and removal of asbestos packing and gaskets are at risk. Occupations at risk also include boiler workers, steamfitters, shipyard workers and power and chemical plant workers. The dangers of asbestos were widely known in the 1960s, but Anchor Packing continued to manufacture these products for 20 more years without disclosing that these products were hazardous.

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