Burrows Paper Corporation started its manufacturing in 1919, when Andrew Burrows purchased the first paper mill in Little Falls, New York. A generation later, under Ralph Burrows, the company expanded by purchasing three additional mills. Years later Bill Burrows led the company into another expansion entering into the use of lightweight packaging.  In 2016 Burrows Paper Corporation sold its packaging division operations to Novolex and its paper division operations to Twin Rivers Paper Co.

The company has an international presence, with paper mills and packaging facilities in several countries. The paper products produced by the company include many food service packaging solutions, this includes grease resistant wrapping and paper bags for various food items. Burrows manufactures paper products for medical, industrial and consumer markets as well.

The paper making process uses many pieces of equipment throughout the plant that need to operate under high heat. Since the process involves such high temperatures, many insulating processes that involved the use of asbestos were commonly found throughout paper mills. Often during the paper making process the worker would become covered in dust. This dust usually came from dryer felts, a part of the paper drying process where fine particulate is blown off or removed from the newly crafted sheets of paper.

Burrows Paper Corporation operated several paper mills throughout New York State.  Employees who worked at these mills have been diagnosed with cancers caused by exposure to asbestos. Inhaling dust and airborne particles from exposure to insulation of raw asbestos fibers put workers at risk for developing mesothelioma or lung cancer. Paper mill workers were not aware of the hazards of exposure to insulation materials containing asbestos when they performed their job duties without wearing protective gear. Even those who might not have been in direct contact with asbestos insulation but worked in the vicinity still remain at risk.

If you or a loved one worked at Burrows Paper Corporation and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer, please contact Lipsitz, Ponterio and Comerford, LLC  to learn how we can help you and your family.