The DuPont Imaging Systems plant on Driving Park Avenue in Rochester, New York manufactured photographic film and chemicals. Originally established as the Defender Photo Supply Company in 1899, the company and plant were purchased in 1945 by DuPont. In 1995, DuPont ceased all operations at this location, and in 1996, the manufacturing building was demolished. Prior to the late 1970s, asbestos was incorporated into materials used in the maintenance and upkeep of the DuPont facility, including pipe covering and fireproof insulation. Workers who handled materials that contained asbestos or those who worked in the vicinity of others who did are at risk for developing an asbestos related disease, such as mesothelioma.

Contractors who performed repairs and upgrades at DuPont worked in close proximity to asbestos-containing fireproof insulation. During the initial construction of DuPont’s plant, fireproof insulation was applied to structural steel to protect it from high temperatures or fire damage. Electricians, pipefitters, sheet metal workers and other contractors routinely disturbed the insulation after it was applied in order to install pipes or electrical wires. When workers disturbed the insulation, asbestos fibers were emitted into the air.

Asbestos-containing pipe covering was applied to pipes throughout the DuPont plant. Handling or cutting lengths of pipe covering emitted asbestos-containing dust and fibers into the air. Pipe covering also required frequent repair and removal because of wear and tear. Removing worn pipe covering was a dirty and dusty process. Many workers were not aware of the dangers of exposure to asbestos dust and carried on their work without masks or protective gear.

Inhaling dust and particles from the application and maintenance of asbestos-containing materials placed workers at risk for developing serious health problems. Even those who were not in direct contact with asbestos materials remain at risk for the development of asbestos-related disease. If you or a loved one once worked at the DuPont Imaging Systems plant on Driving Park Avenue in Rochester, New York, and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease, we urge you to contact us regarding your legal rights.