Kodak Park

A young bank clerk changed the course of the photography world when he began experimenting with photographic plates in his mother’s kitchen and later formed what is now known as the Eastman Kodak Company. Formed in 1889, and founded in 1892 as the Eastman Kodak Company of New York, Kodak quickly built its reputation on mass production at low cost, international distribution, extensive advertising and a focus on the customer.

The park is not only the largest photographic product manufacturing facility in the world, but it is also the largest industrial complex in the northeastern part of the United States. Kodak Park, located in the City of Rochester, New York, began operating in its present location in 1890. Kodak Park is nearly 4 miles long and covers over 1,300 acres. It once contained more than 154 manufacturing buildings and employed over 15,000 workers. Kodak Park has its own power generation facilities, sewer system, railroad, fire department and water treatment facilities.

Coupled with geographic expansion and changing times, Kodak has broadened its horizons past film making and has made significant contributions to the development of motion pictures, health imaging, printing and publishing and even space exploration. In addition to Kodak Park, the Eastman Kodak Company has operations across the globe in countries, such as Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Mexico and Russia.

(Pictured above – a small area of Kodak Park in Rochester, NY)


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