Rogers Corporation was founded in 1832 in Manchester, Connecticut, by Peter Rogers as the Rogers Paper Manufacturing Company. Over the next century, the company produced several different types of paper for industrial use. In 1932 and during the Great Depression, the Rogers Company partnered with Dr. Leo Baekeland, who invented phenolic plastic molding compounds and Bakelite. Together they developed a line of phenolic plastic molding compounds, which expanded and diversified the Rogers product line. In 1936, Rogers Corporation purchased a factory in Goodyear (now Rogers), Connecticut, from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Rogers, Connecticut, became the company’s headquarters and main production site for its phenolic plastics. In 1945, in recognition of the decreasing importance of paper manufacturing, the company was renamed the Rogers Corporation. In 1960, Rogers Corporation was listed on the American Stock Exchange, and in 2000, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, Rogers has plants in Connecticut, Illinois and Arizona, as well as international facilities in Korea, China, Belgium, Germany and Hungary.

Prior to the late 1970s, asbestos was incorporated into some phenolic plastic molding compounds manufactured by Rogers Corporation. Asbestos posed a high-risk health danger to workers who manufactured granulated plastic molding compounds, as well as to mold shop workers who transformed asbestos-containing molding compounds into finished products. When asbestos-containing molded plastic products are manipulated, drilled or sanded, asbestos dust and fibers can easily become airborne and inhaled or ingested. Exposure to dust and fibers emitted from asbestos-containing materials can cause mesothelioma or lung cancer. Even workers who did not have direct contact with asbestos-containing plastic molding compounds, but worked in an area where it was manufactured or molded, are at risk for developing mesothelioma or lung cancer.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer because you worked with asbestos-containing plastic molding compounds, please contact us regarding your legal rights.