Bethlehem Steel was one of the largest manufacturing plants in Western New York. During its peak, it employed almost 30,000 people. So often, we will receive calls from loved ones who had a family member who worked at Bethlehem Steel and now has an asbestos-related disease. In this video, dedicated Buffalo mesothelioma attorney John P. Comerford will talk more about Bethlehem Steel asbestos exposure and how our law firm can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Bethlehem Steel in Lackawanna, New York is one of the largest job sites that we have worked on throughout many years. If you worked at Bethlehem Steel and you have an asbestos-related disease, we can help you. These are complicated cases.

“We have worked on hundreds of cases and I think every case is unique. There were so many departments and divisions at Bethlehem Steel. To understand your exposures, it’s important to know that you can’t sue Bethlehem Steel if you worked for them. Under New York State law, you can’t sue your employer. Bethlehem Steel has also since filed for bankruptcy.”

“So, how do we provide legal remedies and relief for anyone who worked at this Lackawanna plant? It’s simple. We focus on the suppliers, and distributors of asbestos, not only to Bethlehem Steel but to the specific departments.”

If you or a loved one worked at Bethlehem Steel, I’m sure you’re familiar with the open hearth. The open-hearth would use something called asbestos-containing hot tops that were used in the steel-making industry.

There are multiple manufacturers of these hot tops. These complex cases require you to hire an attorney who has experience litigating, like we do here at Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford.

The coke ovens at Bethlehem Steel were one of the most dangerous departments to work in in the United States. There were emissions that would spew out of the coke ovens and would cause lung cancer.

“In one of our cases, the manufacturer of the coke ovens claimed that they weren’t responsible. We had to litigate those cases to the highest court in New York, the Court of Appeals. A decision was rendered in that case that we are  very proud of.”

If you know anything about the coke ovens, you know these men would wear wooden clogs so they could navigate the top. If you wore regular shoes, they would melt.

Those gentlemen that worked in these plants developed severe diseases in addition to mesothelioma, laryngeal cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, tongue cancer, mouth cancer. That’s how deadly those toxins were that were emitting out of those coke ovens.

“Fortunately, since we’ve worked on hundreds and hundreds of these cases, we can make a Bethlehem Steel case easy to understand and easy to navigate. If you hire us, your focus will be on your faith, your family, and your medical treatment. We will make the legal process easy.”

We have had tremendous success working on these cases because we’ve done it for so long. Please contact our Buffalo mesothelioma attorneys if you’ve experienced Bethlehem Steel asbestos exposure.

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