In virtually all homes built before 1978, lead paint was used on interior and exterior surfaces.  When lead paint deteriorates, paint chips become a source of dangerous exposure to young children. Lead is a toxic metal which affects the brain system of a child causing learning and speech difficulties, as well as severe behavioral problems.

Our client’s child, age two, of Buffalo, New York, was exposed to high levels of lead dust in his bedroom due to negligent work done by outside contractors removing lead paint. Four years later, our client’s child has speech and learning difficulties requiring special education.

In this case, the child had an extremely high level of lead in his blood when his blood was drawn and tested during a routine pediatric examination. He will receive a substantial cash settlement as a result of an agreement reached in early September. It is believed to be the largest money award of its kind to date in Western New York. At the request of the party paying the award, the amount of the settlement remains confidential.

If your child is found to have a lead reading in his or her bloodstream of 20 or higher, please call Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford, LLC to discuss your potential legal rights.

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