Prior to 1975, most of the paint products used to paint the interior and exterior of residential homes and commercial buildings and structures contained dangerous levels of lead. Lead is a metal that was an ingredient in paint products. Exposure to lead can cause brain and other organ damage to our bodies. Exposure to lead-based paint in homes, apartment buildings and commercial structures (such as the Grand Island Bridge) can occur in three principal ways:

  1. Lead dust generated by sanding and scraping chipped surfaces in preparation for repainting can be breathed in;
  2. Chips of peeling and cracking lead paint can be ingested by small children causing lead to enter the body and potentially cause injury; and
  3. Professional painters and workers on commercial job sites can sustain disabling work related injuries from exposure to lead based paint being removed during scraping and sanding of interior or exterior surfaces.

We currently represent a number of families whose children either breathed in lead contaminated dust or ingested lead-based paint chips and have suffered brain damage and organ failure.

If you or a family member rent a home or apartment, it is the owner/landlord’s responsibility to maintain a lead-free environment.

Children are now tested for lead poisoning at routine pediatric examinations. Lead poisoning is detected by taking a blood test to determine whether you have high levels of lead.

If a family member has tested positive for lead poisoning and wishes to discuss his or her potential legal rights, please feel free to call our office at any time and ask for any of our attorneys. We will be glad to discuss a potential claim with you.

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