Bench Grinder Bench Grinder – A machine with an abrasive wheel that is used in the brake installation process to smooth brake linings to fit properly inside the brake drum.
Brake Drum Brake Drum – The metal outer cover which fits over of the brake assembly to which the brake shoes are applied to cause friction and stop the wheels from turning.
Brake Linings Brake Lining – Material bonded or riveted to a brake shoe or pad that provides a surface for the necessary friction for braking to occur.
Brake Pad

Brake Pad – The part of a disc brake system which applies braking friction to the rotor.

Brake Shoe Brake Shoe – The part of a drum brake system which applies braking friction to the drum.
Brake Caliper Caliper – Mechanism in a disc brake system that causes the brake pads to apply braking friction to the rotor.
Clutch Disc Clutch – Mechanism in a vehicle’s drive train that allows for the rotational energy of the engine to be applied to the drive shaft while allowing for the rotation to be engaged or disengaged.
Gasket Identification Chart Gasket – A seal used to prevent fluid leakage between two or more joined objects.
Brake Rivets Rivet – A mechanical fastener used for permanent attachment; used to attach brake linings to brake shoes.
Brake Rotor Rotor – Rotating part of the disc brake that is attached to the wheel and receives braking friction from the pads.


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