Company Name Location Notes
Aeromark Company Elizabeth, NJ
Akron Porcelain & Plastics Company Akron, OH

Founded in 1861 as the Akron Pottery Company, it manufactured molded plastic and ceramic products for industry.

Allied Chemical Corporation Morristown, NJ Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation was originally founded in 1920 and was later known as AlliedSignal. After purchasing Honeywell, Inc. the company is now known as Honeywell International, Inc.
Amp Inc. Harrisburg, PA

Amp Inc. was founded in 1959 as Amp Products Corporation, and, after a 1999 merger, it is now part of Tyco Electronics. Amp Inc, and now Tyco Electronics, is a manufacturer of electrical and electronic tools and products.

Anderson Corporation Bayport, MN

Founded in 1903, Anderson Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of doors and windows in the United States.

Arndt-Palmer Laboratories Melvindale, MI

Arndt-Palmer Laboratories manufactured chemicals used in automotive care.

Arrow-Hart & Hegeman Electric Co. Hartford, CT

Established in 1891, Arrow-Hart & Hegeman manufactured electrical components. It merged with Crouse-Hinds in 1975.

Arrow Head Plastics Minneapolis, MN

Arrow Head Plastics is a custom molder of thermoplastics and composites for vehicle and home use.

Auburn Button Works, Inc. Auburn, NY

Auburn Button Works, Inc. was founded in 1879 and manufactured buttons and other molded plastic products. The company later became known as Auburn Plastics, Inc., and it dissolved in 1993.

Bangor Plastics Company Bangor, MI

Bangor Plastics Company manufactured molded plastic products for various markets, including transportation and defense. The company was founded in 1944.

Boonton Electronics Parsippany, NJ

Boonton Electronics is a subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc. and it was founded 1947. Boonton is a manufacturer of test equipment used in telecommunication and defense industries.

Bradley Container Corporation Maynard, MA

As a subsidiary of American Can Company, Bradley Container Corporation manufactured molded plastic packaging. The company dissolved in 1987.

Calmar Company Los Angeles, CA

Calmar Company was a manufacturer of commercial packaging. The company is now known as Medvaco Calmar.

Certain-Teed Ardmore, PA

Largest producer of building materials in North America. Certain-Teed is a wholly owned subsidiary of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA of France.

Cinch Lombard, IL

Cinch was founded in 1917 and is a manufacturer of electrical and electronic connectors used in telecommunications, transportation, aerospace and military applications.

Chicago Molded Products Corporation Chicago, IL Chicago Molded Products Corporation was founded in 1919 and produced custom molded plastic products. The company dissolved in 1990.
Claremont Pigment Dispersion Company Brooklyn, NY Produced pigments used in plastics production.
Cutler Hammer Milwaukee, WI Founded in 1893, Cutler Hammer manufactured electrical components. The company was acquired by Eaton Corporation in 1976.
Dickten-Masch Plastics Nashotah, WI
Ankeny, IA
Founded 1941. Produces custom thermoplastic and thermoset molded products for a wide variety of industries.
Diemolding Corporation Canastota, NY Diemolding Corporation is located in Canastota, New York and was founded in 1920 by Donald H. Dew. Since the company’s inception, Diemolding Corporation has become a world-wide manufacturer of plastic products. Today, Diemolding concentrates its resources on the production of phenolic pistons used in the automotive industry and around the globe.
Durez Plastics North Tonawanda, NY Durez Plastics was located in North Tonawanda, NY. It manufactured granular asbestos-containing plastic molding compound that was used in many mold shops throughout the United States.
Eagle Tool & Machine Company Newark, NJ

Eagle Tool & Machine Company manufactured plastic molds for various industrial operations.

Eastman Kodak Rochester, NY Eastman Kodak was a world-reknowned manufacturer of photographic equipment and supplies. Asbestos-containing plastic molding compound was utilized during camera production.
Emerson Electric Company St. Louis, MO Emerson Electric is a highly diversified manufacturer of electrical and electronic devices and components for a variety of industries. Emerson Electric is also a major multinational corporation.
Federal Pacific Electric Company Newark, NJ Federal Pacific Electric Company was a manufacturer of circuit breakers and electrical panels for home use. Federal Pacific filed for bankruptcy in 1979, and parts of the corporation were purchased in 1986 by Challenger and by Westinghouse.
Fiberite Corporation Winona, MI Fiberite was headquartered in Winona, Minnesota. Some of Fiberite’s plastic molding compound was used for high impact applications in the aerospace and defense industries.
Fieldcrest Mills Martinsville, VA Fieldcrest Mills manufactured household textile goods for Marshall Fields department stores. The company was acquired by Pillowtex, Inc. in 1997.
General Die & Engineering Grand Rapids, MI General Die & Engineering manufactures die cast, plastic and thermoset molds.
G.E. Lighting Allentown, PA
G.E. Electrical Supply Morristown, TN
G.E. International Controls, Inc. Vega Alta, PR
G.E. Relays and Industrial Controls Bloomington, IL
G.E. Bridgeport – Current Carrying Wiring Devices Bridgeport, CT
G.E. Electrical Lighting Systems, Inc. Hendersonville, NC
G.E. Circuit Protective Devices Dept.
G.E. Electrical Lighting & Electrical Institute East Cleveland, OH
G.E. Plastics Plants Pittsfield, MA
Schenectady, NY
Erie, PA
Waterford, NY
Selkirk, NY
General Tire & Rubber Company Ashtabula, OH General Tire & Rubber Company was founded in 1915, and sold to Continental AG in 1987. It was a manufacturer of tires for motor vehicles.
Haskon Aerospace Taunton, MA Haskon Aerospace manufactures silicone rubber aircraft seals and is a division of the Esterline Corporation.
Heinemann Electric Canada Company Montreal, QC Heinemann Electric Canada Company is a manufacturer of electrical circuit protection equipment for marine vessels, spacecraft, healthcare equipment and computers. It has been owned by the Eaton Corporation since 1992.
Hooker Chemical Niagara Falls, NY Hooker Chemical’s Niagara Falls, New York plant was located on a 115 acre site on Buffalo Avenue. Hooker Chemical was once one of the nation’s largest producers of bleaches and caustic soda. In 1968, The Occidental Chemical Company (OxyChem), purchased Hooker Chemical, and continued to manufacture polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins, chlorine and caustic soda. These items are the key building blocks for a variety of products, including plastics, pharmaceuticals and water disinfectants.
Hoover Precision Products Sault Saint Marie, MI Hoover Precision Products is a manufacturer of plastic injection molded parts for medical and laboratory devices.
Ideal Industries, Inc. Sycamore, IL Ideal Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of tools, diagnostic equipment and wire connectors for the electrical industry.
Illinois Tool Works Chicago, IL Illinois Tool Works was founded in 1912. It is a manufacturer of plastic fasteners and components.
Industrial Molding Corporation Culver City, CA Industrial Molding Corporation is a manufacturer of injection molded plastic products. It was founded as Precision Products in 1947.
I-T-E Circuit Breaker Company Detroit, MI I-T-E Circuit Breaker Company was founded as Cutter Manufacturing in 1911, sold to Gould in 1976 and then sold to Siemens in 1983. It manufactured electrical circuit protection equipment.
J&M Zadlix Products Company Brooklyn, NY J&M Zadlix Products Company manufactured portable photographic slide viewers.
K&J Magnetics Jamison, PA K&J Magnetics is a manufacturer and importer of permanent and rare earth magnets.
Kurz-Kasch Company Dayton, OH Founded in 1916, Kurz-Kasch Company is a manufacturer of electrical motor components, control devices and sensors.
Lee Deane Products Norwalk, CA Lee Deane Products manufactured molded plastic lawn and garden items.
Lionel Corporation Irvington, NJ Lionel Corporation was the largest manufacturer of toy trains in the United States. Its assets were liquidated in 1993.
Major Seal Corporation Los Angeles, CA
McCord Corporation Detroit, MI McCord Corporation manufactured automotive parts and accessories.
MicroSwitch Freeport, IL
Galena, IL
MicroSwitch is a division of Honeywell and manufacturer small sensing switches used in a variety of applications. Microswitch has been a part of Honeywell Sensing and Control since 1950.
Modern Plastic Company Los Angeles, CA
Moldmaster Engineering, Inc. Pittsfield, MA Moldmaster Engineering, Inc., is a manufacturer of molded plastic products.
Northwest Electric Columbus, NE Northwest Electric provides electrical motor service and repair for industrial applications.
Norton Laboratories Lockport, NY Norton Laboratories produced a variety of molded plastic products. The company closed in 1980.
John Oster Manufacturing Company Ft. Lauderdale, FL1 Oster manufactured small appliances, including blenders and electric mixers. The company is now known as Sunbeam-Oster.
Peerless Roll Leaf Company Union City, NJ
Plano Molding Company Plano, IL Plano Molding Company manufacturers molded plastic storage containers and is most notably known for its fishing tackle boxes.
Plenco – Plastics Engineering Company Sheboygan, WI Plastics Engineering Company manufactures plastic molding compound in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and is used to make a variety of products, including appliances, electrical parts, irons and it was even used to make Bausch & Lomb’s Balscope Ten telescope in the 1960’s.
Precision Industries, Inc. Flint, MI Precision Industries, Inc., manufactured injection molds and molded plastic products.
Quality Molding Company Chicago, IL
Rainbow Plastic Products Company Minneapolis, MN
Rapids-Standard Corporation Grand Rapids, MI
RE Dietz Company Syracuse, NY RE Dietz Company was founded in 1840 as a kerosene lamp manufacturer. RE Dietz is best known for its flashing warning lights commonly seen at road construction barricades. The company closed in 1992.
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. Detroit, MI
Brooklyn, NY
Elizabeth, NJ
Tuscaloosa, AL
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
White Plains, NY
Carteret, NJ
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. world headquarters are located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Today it consists of nineteen manufacturing sites and four technology centers located around the world.
Rogers Corp Rogers, CT
Manchester, CT
Rogers Corporation is headquartered in Rogers, Connecticut, but it also has manufacturing plants in Connecticut, Arizona and Illinois. Rogers Corporation manufactures plastic molding compound for use in a variety of products, including consumer goods, electrical materials, industrial parts and automotive components.
Sangamo Electric Company Springfield, IL Sangamo Electric Company produced electrical meters, radios, clocks, and aviation instrumentation.
SBR Electric Ltd. Mount Forest, ON
Stackpole Electronics, Inc. Raleigh, NC

Stackpole Electronics Inc., is a manufacturer of electronic components. The company was formed in 1986 from the resistor production division of Stackpole Corporation. Its manufacturing facilities are now located in China.

Stromberg Carlson
(Now Siemens Stromberg-Carlson)
Boca Raton, FL2 Stromberg Carlson is a manufacturer of telecommunications and electronic equipment.
Suburban Plastics Elgin, IL
Grenada, MS
Suburban Plastics manufactures custom molded thermoplastic, thermoset and composite plastic products.
Sulak Manufacturing Company Seattle, WA
Texas Instruments Dallas, TX Texas Instruments is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. U.S. plant locations are throughout Texas, California, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois and Arizona. Texas Instruments is a manufacturer of semiconductor electronic components, microprocessors and other computer-related technology.
Therm O Disc Mansfield, OH Therm O Disc is a manufacturer of temperature sensors and controls for a variety of industries. It is a subsidiary of Emerson Corporation.
Thermomat Company Trenton, NJ Thermomat Company manufactured heat-resistant plastic products used in high heat temperature applications, such as rocket motors. This company also manufactured vacuum forming machines.
Toledo Commutator Company Owosso, MI Toledo Commutator Company is a subsidiary of Kirkwood Holding. It is a manufacturer of commutators for electric motors.
Union Carbide Corporation Bound Brook, NJ

In the 1920’s, Union Carbide purchased the original manufacturer of phenolic molding compound, the Bakelite Company. Bakelite was manufactured in Bound Brook, New Jersey, and was used to make a variety of products, such as appliances, radios, epoxy resins, vinyl flooring, jewelry and billiard balls.

Plastic molding compound was most commonly packaged in the following manners:

  • 50lb kraft paper bags;
  • large fiber drums holding several hundred pounds;
  • rectangular boxes referred to as “gaylords”; and
  • large cardboard boxes holding up to 500lbs.
Vlchek Tool Company Cleveland, OH Vlchek Tool Company was once one of the largest manufacturers of plastic handled screwdrivers in the United States. The company was bought out by Pendleton Tool Industries Company in 1958.
Westvaco Chemicals Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Philadelphia, PA
St. Louis, MO
Westvaco Chemicals is a manufacturer of chemicals used in various products, such as insecticides, pesticides, detergents and glass. Westvaco is a division of FMC Corporation.
Wiggins Electric Company Wiggins, CO Wiggins Electric Company provides servicing and repair for irrigation systems.
YBF Corporation Washington, DC

1Former Oster plants were in Racine, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and McMinnville, Tennessee

2Founded and formerly headquartered in Rochester, New York

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