Mesothelioma is a troubling diagnosis to receive. We know that it can be scary if you or a loved one gets diagnosed with Stage 3 mesothelioma. You likely have a lot of questions.

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What is Stage 3 Mesothelioma?

You likely know that mesothelioma is not a simple diagnosis. There are stages of the diagnosis just as there are stages of breast cancer, for example.

A Stage 3 diagnosis of mesothelioma can mean a lot of things. Cancer at this stage has spread. It may have spread to the lining of the heart, the chest wall, the tissue between the lungs, or your lymph nodes. At this stage, you may be able to remove cancer from the spots where it has spread.

Stage 3 can also mean that cancer has spread to places that cannot be removed by surgery. This is a Stage 3B diagnosis. At this stage, cancer has spread to places like your spine, into your heart, deeper layers of your chest wall, or your muscles.

What is the Life Expectancy of Stage 3 Mesothelioma?

Unfortunately, many cases of mesothelioma are caught at these later stages. When it has progressed to a place where treatment does not involve the removal of cancer, the life expectancy is less optimistic.

Just over a quarter of people with late stages of mesothelioma have a 2-year survival rate. This is getting more optimistic as medicine learns more about mesothelioma.

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