Lipsitz & Ponterio, LLC is announcing a total of $3 million in settlements on behalf of a former Bronx, New York, carpenter against several manufacturers and distributors of asbestos-containing floor and ceiling tiles, thinset and joint compound. From 1969 to 1980, our client was exposed to asbestos-containing building materials while employed as a union carpenter.

During the course of his employment as a carpenter, our client was exposed to asbestos-containing acoustic ceiling tiles, vinyl floor tiles, joint compound and thinset. He was present and participated in all phases of construction, including woodworking, floor and ceiling tile installation and sheetrock installation. Our client was exposed to asbestos when he scored and cut asbestos-containing floor and ceiling tiles. He was also exposed to asbestos-containing joint compound when he worked in the same vicinity as laborers who mixed and sanded the compound.

In 2008, and as a result of his exposure to asbestos-containing automotive brakes and building materials, our client was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma at the age of 61.