The law firm of Lipsitz & Ponterio, LLC, is announcing a total of $2.1 million in settlements on behalf of a Utica, New York, man against several manufacturers and distributors of asbestos-containing plastic molding compound. From 1955 to 1969, our client was exposed to asbestos-containing granular plastic molding compound during pickup and delivery while employed as a local truck driver.

During the course of his career as a truck driver, the plaintiff picked up and then delivered granular plastic molding compound to General Electric in Utica, New York and Diemolding Corporation in Canastota, New York. While employed as a truck driver, the plaintiff was a member of the Teamsters Local 182 in Utica, New York. His exposure to asbestos took place when he unloaded fifty pound bags of granular asbestos-containing plastic molding compound. It was common for the bags of plastic molding compound to split open and materials to pour out during delivery. The plaintiff was also responsible for sweeping out his trailer once all the materials were unloaded. The delivery process and subsequent clean up emitted dangerous levels of asbestos dust and fibers that the plaintiff inhaled.

In 2008, and as a result of his exposure to asbestos-containing plastic molding compound, the plaintiff was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma at the age of 76.