Airborne environmental asbestos exposure takes place in a setting or a context where you’re not doing any work with the material.

There’s no warning given to you about the materials you were handling or the packaging that it came in. What’s at stake here is the fact that you were a total bystander to a gross act of negligence. This occurred on the part of people that administered, managed, and controlled a work site or a factory where asbestos was floating over the fence without any adequate environmental controls.

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Under circumstances where the people that ran that plant knew how dangerous airborne environmental asbestos exposure was, they were adequately warned themselves.

They had a pretty good knowledge base about how this affected mining families and people in areas surrounding mines where crystallite, a form of asbestos, was mined in South Africa.

Going back to the late 50s and early 60s, there were people studying this problem of air currents bringing very toxic materials away from the point of origin.

The people at Durez that ran the place worked for Occidental for most of the years involved are charged with the knowledge of how hazardous the materials were and their failure to take adequate steps to keep them from contaminating the neighborhood.

The people in the neighborhood were aware at some level that there was soot coming out of the plant. Usually, on a Sunday night, the boiler stacks would be discharged of soot and it would drift over the neighborhood. That was never anything other than really a nuisance dust. It would get on your windows,  lawn, and car.

People complained about it, and they asked, “What’s going on?”

Not once were they told the problem. The fine asbestos particles can give you cancer and kill you.

The company never went out into the neighborhood even after they stopped using asbestos, but knew of the potential downside. They never went out in the neighborhood and said anything other than, “Don’t worry about it. It’s fine. Nobody is going to get sick.” They never went out and said, “There is a problem here.”

If you lived in this neighborhood from 1959 and 1979, you’re at risk of getting mesothelioma.

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