History:  Bondex International was founded in 1959 by its parent company, the Reardon Company, when it registered Bondex’s trademark.  The company is located in Medina County, Ohio.   In 1966, the Reardon Company was acquired by Republic Powdered Metals, more commonly known as RPM, Inc.  RPM, Inc.’s name was changed to SPHC in 2010 prior to filing for bankruptcy protection to avoid confusion with RPM International.

The original corporate name of Specialty Products Holding Corp. (“SPHC”) was Republic Powdered Metals, Inc., which was incorporated in Ohio in 1947. In 1972, Republic Powdered Metals, Inc. changed its name to RPM, Inc. and created two subsidiaries for its two businesses. The two new subsidiaries were named Republic Powdered Metals, Inc. (“Republic”), which engaged in the roofing business, and Bondex International, Inc. (“Bondex”), which had an asbestos-containing joint compound as one of its products.

Bondex was a major participant  in the building materials industry.  Bondex made joint compound, putties, finishes, cements, paints, patching compounds, and other products. These products were used in residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

Initially Bondex targeted its products as do-it-yourself items for home use. However, Bondex products were also used at commercial sites.  Bondex workers were at risk of asbestos exposure during the manufacture of Bondex products.  Other workers at risk of exposure to Bondex products include construction workers, drywall tapers, demolition workers, masons, roofers, handymen, factory workers and general laborers.

Other Brand Names for Bondex

  • Reardon
  • Penncraft (sold at J.C. Penney)
  • Dramex
  • Trax
  • Wards (sold at Montgomery Ward)
  • Metro

Bondex Asbestos Products:

  • Joint compounds
  • All Purpose Joint Topping
  • Interior Finish
  • Patchers
  • Putties
  • Mobile Home Roof Coating
  • Roof Cement
  • Roof Coating
  • Coating -Plaster

Specific Bondex Brand Products Include:

  • Bondex  Red-I-Mix Joint Cement
  • Bondex “Premium Joint Compound”
  • Bondex 100-A All Purpose Joint Cement
  • Bondex 200-B All Purpose Joint Cement
  • Bondex 500-C All Purpose Joint Cement
  • Bondex All Purpose Joint Cement
  • Bondex Alumanation
  • Bondex Alumanation 350
  • Bondex Alumanation Aluminum Roof Coating (1967-1981)
  • Bondex Aluminum Roof Coating
  • Bondex Bondek Black Mastic
  • Bondex Bondek Roof Cement
  • Bondex Cooks LifeLine All Purpose Cement
  • Bondex Cooks LifeLine All Purpose Texture
  • Bondex Cooks Texture Joint Cement
  • Bondex Dramex Texture Paint
  • Bondex FO Pierce Dramex
  • Bondex Formula
  • Bondex GSA Joint Compound
  • Bondex Handy Patch All Purpose Patcher
  • Bondex Hi & Dri Joint Cement
  • Bondex Hi & Dri Topping Cement
  • Bondex Joint Cement
  • Bondex Joint Compound
  • Bondex Joint Topping Texture Paint
  • Bondex Metro Spanish Texture Paint
  • Bondex Mobil Home Aluminum Roof Coating
  • Bondex Mobile Home Roof Coating
  • Bondex Multi-Patch
  • Bondex NPD All Purpose Joint Cement
  • Bondex NPD Joint Cement Combination
  • Bondex NPD SX Joint Cement
  • Bondex Our Best Grade Joint Cement
  • Bondex Patching Plaster
  • Bondex Penncraft Block Filler
  • Bondex Penncraft Joint Cement
  • Bondex Penncraft Pre-Mixed Joint Cement
  • Bondex Penncraft Water Putty
  • Bondex PermaRoof
  • Bondex Premium Joint Compound
  • Bondex Pre-Mixed Joint Cement
  • Bondex Products
  • Bondex Ready-Mixed Joint Cement
  • Bondex Reardons All Purpose Joint Cement
  • Bondex Reardons All Purpose Patcher
  • Bondex Reardons SX Joint Cement
  • Bondex Reardons SX Topping Cement
  • Bondex Reardons Texture Paint
  • Bondex Reardons Water Putty
  • Bondex Roof Cement
  • Bondex Roof Coating
  • Bondex SX Joint Cement
  • Bondex SX Topping Cement
  • Bondex Tape Joint Kit
  • Bondex Textured Paint
  • Bondex Trax Joint Cement
  • Bondex Trax Texture Paint
  • Bondex Trax Topping Cement
  • Bondex Wards Wood Putty Bondex Water Putty

On May 31, 2010, Bondex and its holding company, Specialty Products Holding Corp., filed for bankruptcy as a result of thousands of asbestos lawsuits.  In 2016, The Bondex Asbestos Personal Injury Trust was established as a result of the company filing for bankruptcy to ensure asbestos victims and their families would be compensated.  We are one of the few law firms operating in the area of mesothelioma litigation that has our own staff that handles Bankruptcy claims and Workers’ Compensation benefits on behalf of our mesothelioma clients. It is our goal to obtain for you the maximum available economic recovery, and sometimes this is done through a combination of recovery from a lawsuit and other administrative benefits.

The attorneys at Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford, LLC have gathered a vast amount of information about the type and variety of asbestos-containing products manufactured by Bondex Corporation.  Our firm. If you or a loved one were exposed to an asbestos product at Bondex Corporation or as a result of using Bondex products, and have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer, we urge you to contact us regarding your legal rights.



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