What are my rights if I am injured by a truck?

Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford, LLC, has extensive experience in all types of motor vehicle injury accidents, including truck accidents. Accidents involving trucks account for thousands of injuries throughout the U.S. every year. Common causes of truck accidents include unsafe driving, truck driver fatigue, oversized loads, and mechanical problems.

Do pedestrians and bicyclists who are injured by a car have rights?

Some serious injury cases involve bicycle or pedestrian accidents. All motor vehicle operators have complete responsibility under the laws of New York State to drive in a safe and attentive manner at all times. Often motor vehicle drivers fail in these responsibilities and pedestrians and bicycle riders are seriously or fatally injured.

If I am injured by a drunk driver do I have any rights?

Although drunk drivers may be criminally prosecuted, the punishment in criminal court does not make up for the serious impact on the victims and their families who may suffer devastating injuries, lost wages, and lost financial support. Families affected by drunk driving may have claims against the driver and, in addition, possibly against the tavern or other establishment where the liquor was served.

What are no-fault benefits?

Under New York State Law, you are entitled to compensation for economic loss if you are injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The vehicle owner’s insurance company pays these benefits through the New York State no-fault system. No-fault benefits include:

  • Hospital and medical expenses up to $50,000; and
  • Lost wages equal to eighty percent (80%), up to $1,000 per month for a period not exceeding three (3) years.

Are there time limits on when I can file for no-fault benefits?

If you are making a claim for no-fault benefits, you must be aware of the strict time limitations. In order to obtain no-fault benefits, you must file a written application with the appropriate insurance company within thirty (30) days of the accident. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, in your very first discussion with your insurance company after the accident, you should request the proper New York State no-fault application.

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