“A tragic situation occurred in North Tonawanda, New York in a facility called the Durez Plastics. It was on the corner of Walck and Nash Roads. In the factory, they made thermoplastics that could withstand heat and pressure in order to manufacture them. They used huge quantities of asbestos materials as a filler in order to give them strength and flexibility. In manufacturing those plastics, large amounts of asbestos fibers were lost in the production process to the surrounding atmosphere. They floated out in large amounts onto the surrounding streets and neighborhoods.” In this video, experienced Buffalo mesothelioma attorney John N. Lipsitz discusses more about Durez Plastics asbestos exposure and how our firm can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

“The first couple of cases began to pop up involving neighborhood residents in the 1990s. The people that managed the factory owned by Occidental Chemical Corporation began to see cases of asbestos disease among the workers popping up in the 1970s. The men at that factory and the women that worked in the offices were like the canaries in the coal mine.

“If you paid attention to what was happening there, you saw that it wasn’t just the guys that were working with the materials in the production units. It was also people doing work in the surrounding buildings and alleyways at the factory getting mesothelioma. It wasn’t much of a stretch to discern that this was going to affect the neighborhood. Indeed it did.”

“It began to affect the neighborhood in the 1990s. At least one case that came to our attention involved a man that lived on Harding a couple of blocks north of the plant. He developed mesothelioma and died of it within about a year of diagnosis.”

“Over the past 25 years, there have been several cases involving neighborhood residents and people that worked in a couple of businesses adjacent to the plant that didn’t use asbestos themselves.”

“Those that worked there were subject to drifts of asbestos fibers that came over the fences and the walls of the plant and settled in their work areas. The first case was just a couple of blocks away, but over time, we began to represent people who lived as far as a mile away from the plant.”

There’s a lot of published scientific literature which suggests that this kind of exposure would affect people even as far as a mile and a half away.

“If you lived in this neighborhood, and you or a loved one developed mesothelioma, or you have loved ones that lived in the neighborhood that moved away and developed mesothelioma but haven’t a clue why, we’re the ones who can sort it out. If you think you were the victim of asbestos exposure at Durez Plastics, we can put the pieces of the puzzle together and help you obtain compensation for your injury.”

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