HVAC workers had a very unique exposure to asbestos back in the 1950s through the 1970s. In this video, experienced New York mesothelioma attorney Mathew J. Morton speaks about HVAC workers and asbestos exposure in the past.

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A lot of HVAC workers went into residential or small commercial buildings to remove old boilers.

Most boilers, because of their size, would require a huge hammer to break up these 400 to 500-pound boilers so they could remove them out of the house in smaller-sized pieces.

Boilers were covered in asbestos insulation since the 1930s and caused these HVAC workers to be exposed to tremendous amounts of asbestos.

The other types of boilers they would remove were called jacketed boilers, where there would be a metal jacket on the outside of the boiler and all the insulation would be on the inside. Regardless of what type of boiler they removed, these HVAC workers were exposed to tons of asbestos every day.

It would take days to disassemble the 400-500 pound boilers to get them out of peoples’ basements.

The installation of new boilers often utilized asbestos-containing materials as well.

HVAC workers used to remove old furnaces. Some of the furnaces were called octopus furnaces, which had several different arms going to ductwork. All of the ductwork on the top of these furnaces were insulated with asbestos-containing materials.

Because of this, the removal of those octopus furnaces caused HVAC workers to be exposed to asbestos.

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