We’re fortunate to live in Western New York, where there are many medical health care providers that can provide guidance to our clients with lung cancer. In this video, experienced Buffalo mesothelioma lawyer John P. Comerford discusses mesothelioma treatment options available here in Western New York in detail.

We have overseen countless cases and have seen firsthand what great medical care is available to all of our clients throughout Western New York.  Of course, you have Roswell Park, but you have facilities all over Western New York that can help people get treatment whether it’s immunotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. There are many options for anyone in Western New York who has lung cancer.

When our firm started doing this work 30 years ago, there weren’t many options available for our clients, but now we have seen the great progress that has been made through mesothelioma treatments, including surgery and oncology options.

Our clients are living much longer lives. Quite often, we’ve seen many with successful surgery and having a full recovery. That’s great news because they can spend their golden years with their families.

We’re happy to discuss these options with any of our clients. I want to make a clear we are not medical doctors. We are attorneys, but we work very closely with our clients to understand and learn about their clinical courses.

We have seen firsthand some great benefits from the doctors here in Western New York. If you have questions about mesothelioma treatment options, please contact our Buffalo mesothelioma lawyers to arrange a free consultation. We can refer you to a local specialist that can help you throughout your clinical course.  You are also welcome to visit our Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer Healthcare Providers page to view some of the healthcare providers who have provided medical treatment for many of our mesothelioma and lung cancer clients.

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