If you and your family live or have lived in rental housing, you may be able to bring a claim against the property owner for injuries your child suffered as a result of lead poisoning. Lead is a powerful neurotoxin that affects the brains of young children and other body systems and may result in irreversible damages affecting childrens’ school performance behavior and overall health.

Lead poisoning may require hospitalization and invasive medical treatments, such as chelation – a procedure that removes some of the lead from your child’s body. Even if your child was not hospitalized for treatment of lead poisoning, your child may still show signs of developmental problems, including speech delays, severe academic difficulties, and severe behavioral issues.

If your child has been affected by lead poisoning, you have the right to seek compensation from your landlord. You may be able to obtain compensation for your child’s medical and education needs.

Lipsitz, Ponterio & Comerford, LLC is experienced in handling lead poisoning lawsuits. Our attorneys and staff will walk you through every step of the case and keep you informed and involved. We understand that lead poisoning is frightening, and we are here to help your child get the compensation he or she deserves for injuries caused by lead poisoning. If your child is or was ever found to have a lead reading in his or her bloodstream of 15 or higher, please contact us. We can help you understand your legal remedies for childhood lead poisoning.