If you or a loved one worked at Diemolding located in Canastota, New York, and were exposed to asbestos, we can help you. We’ve represented several employees out of the Diemolding facility who have unfortunately been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Watch this video by dedicated Syracuse mesothelioma attorney Mathew J. Morton to learn more about Diemolding Corporation asbestos exposure and how our law firm can help.

There has been a high incidence rate of mesothelioma out of the Diemolding facility because of its use of asbestos-containing plastic molding compounds. These molding compounds were used to manufacture various plastic parts like pot handles and distributor caps in the 1950s to 1970s.

There are different areas of the plant that workers utilize a tumbler machine that was part of the finishing process. They used injection molding machines that injected the warm molding compounds into the molds to make the product.

Regardless of where you worked in the plant, most likely you were exposed to asbestos. We’ve even represented salesmen who visited this plant and developed mesothelioma.

If you or a loved one worked at Diemolding in Canastota, New York, and have developed mesothelioma or lung cancer, please give us a call to discuss your Diemolding Corporation asbestos exposure case. We can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.